As a business owner, why do you need influencer marketing?

4 min readJan 13, 2022

Why has Influencer Marketing become so popular in India, where it was almost unknown before last year?

And Influencer Marketing is one of the best ways to get your company noticed on the Internet. In addition to increasing your company’s internet visibility, it also helps to build your brand’s reputation.

Especially in a nation like India, where the majority of the internet audience is young people, an influencer marketing platform becomes increasingly critical since their purchasing habits are heavily impacted by social media influencers.

Why custom made influencer solutions is better to go-ahead

Brands can quickly and effectively reach huge, niche-specific audiences by incorporating us into their digital influencer marketing strategy by using influencers.

With this information, we urge the influencer to develop more engaging content that encourages consumers to do the desired action of their clients: purchasing the brand’s products or services.

For this reason, many companies turn to us for help with digital influencer marketing, because we have the greatest influencer marketing platform in India. It’s our job to analyze their target demographic and identify the social personalities that are relevant to their clients’ needs, and our team of professionals, strategists, and specialists do the legwork.

Branding or engagement-based influencer marketing tactics have a return on investment (ROI) of 8x. Our team of professionals is working on a campaign that is tailored to the brand’s final aim.

So, what does any Influencer marketing firm for that matter actually do?

Talent Identification on Social Media

As the number of people using social media grows by the day, so does the number of people who can wield influence. Our team at Lets Influence carefully selects the most capable individuals to assist the company in achieving all of its marketing goals.

Influencers are selected based on a variety of factors, including their engagement rates, social media activity, and past campaigns. This ensures rapid expansion and the impetus a campaign needs from an influencer in order to succeed.

Creating a campaign from the ground up

You can rest assured that we know how to craft a plan for your brand that will get it in front of the correct audience, with a message that is both relevant and effective.

Our creative team ensures that the campaign is powered by great and impactful content that seems real and honest. In addition, we do a great deal of investigation to determine which influencer marketing platform is most appropriate for your particular sector.

Organizing and Working Together

They ensure that all of the campaign’s components are in sync with each other. Developing and implementing a successful influencer marketing plan involves several steps. Many things are going on around them, including content creation and editing, reporting, coordination between influencers and sponsors, as well as payment.

Our devoted staff makes sure that all of these actions are carefully taken care of in order to build successful cooperation.

Using the results of a campaign as a gauge of success

Your marketing team will provide you with a report detailing which influencers performed the best for your campaign in terms of conversion rates and engagement when the influencer marketing period is complete.

Why an Influencer marketing agency can help you grow better than digital marketing?

Influencers Driven by Data

If you’re looking for a full-service influencer marketing and digital content agency, look no further than us. Out-of-the-box influencer material is created using data and our own sense of cultural trends.

Your company will get the finest possible representation from the appropriate people at the best possible price thanks to the thousands of top Indian YouTubers, Instagrammers and more that we have a close connection with.

Execution without a hitch, measurable outcomes

We get the job done right the first time! We know how to accomplish your brand objectives and ensure that verified material is published when it needs to be. Analyze the performance of your campaigns in real-time with dashboards customized to your specific needs.

Controlling influencer workflow

It’s possible for us to categorize, find, and pick the proper influencers based on their relevance and authenticity as well as 20+ other crucial data factors. We use this data to make the influencer loop quantifiable and give the highest possible ROI for our clients.

We’re revolutionizing Indian influencer marketing by making it smart and cost-effective.

When it comes to influencer marketing campaigns its a must need for every b2b or b2c brand

Increasing brand recognition (85%), reaching new audiences (71%), and generating sales and conversions are the top three aims of influencer marketing for businesses (64 percent ).

It is common for brands to connect their marketing goals with their target demographic. As a result, creating a successful campaign hinges on knowing your target audience and what they desire.

With our aid, they are able to increase their reach across their buyer personas by hiring top, specialist content producers that already advertise to their ideal audience across several platforms, which we help them do.

We assist companies to improve traffic to their website, raising sales, awareness, credibility, and authority by discovering the right influencers that fit the criteria of engagement, reach, and audience demography.

Our Clients are our power

Borgfy works with brands to connect with their target audiences by creating the best software and apps solutions for them. We had developed an influencer camping management platform with an app to help agencies do multiple task at one shot for more please inbox or visit us




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