How IoT is changing the Healthcare scenario

How is IoT used in the Healthcare system?

Benefits of IoT in Healthcare:

  • IoT in healthcare has helped doctors to monitor real-time conditions of patients that can help in emergencies like asthma attacks, cardiac arrest, diabetes, etc.
  • For providing better treatment to patients, it is necessary to have their complete medical history at hand. IoT makes gathering, analyzing, tracking, sending, and receiving of data with the help of a cloud base more feasible.
  • With the use of technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi tracking and identifying diseases becomes easier and consumes less time and resources. With this, the cost of the treatments is reduced making a quality treatment affordable to all.
  • IoT also helps in the management of hospitals to ensure smooth functioning for patients. IoT can help in monitoring the real-time availability of rooms which reduces the waiting time. Also, it helps in tracking types of equipment but it can also be used to monitor when a piece of equipment is in bad condition and is about to fail.

Application of IoT in Healthcare:


Implantable Glucose Monitoring systems:

Healthcare Charting:

Computer Vision Technology:

Challenges faced by IoT in the Healthcare system:

Privacy and security concerns:

Overloading and inaccuracy:



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