NFC Business Card Apps


JUST TAP IT AND SHARE IT ! -Its as that simple

What is the Key Difference between NFC Business Cards Vs Traditional Paper card

It Simple You Add your Profile Data and Socials handles URL On App And Second User Just tap your card on phone back and got Your All Details open up in the browser

NFC E-Cards Startups increasing day by day

Top App-Based Startups in NFC Sharing Socials

  1. Popl -US Based Startup
  2. Mobilo Card-Another US-Based Startups
  3. BizzyApp-UAE Based Startup

Countries Where the NFC Business card startup idea is trending

  1. UAE
  2. UK
  3. INDIA
  4. United States

The Cost of Developing NFC & QR Code Business App for Sharing Socials

  1. UIUX-Its the most precious part of any product is the design that your customer experience its one of the deciding factors for startup success the cost for UIUX Design is 700$
  2. Front End Development Using Native Android and IOS -1800$
  3. Backend The most dynamic part of any tech product is its admin side for controlling the flow of APIs and database and use management -2000$



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